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Discover this slice of the Middle Ages from our hotel

Welcome to Sully-sur-Loire, located between Orléans and Gien and less than 2 hours from Paris. A medieval fortress and a wonderful example of military art, Sully-sur-Loire above all will seduce you with its charm. You’ll love the rays of sunshine on the old stones, the breeze blowing through the large shady trees above the mirror-like moat, its small bridge, its towers topped with slate tiles and its distinctive atmosphere on the Loire.

The Hostellerie du Grand Sully is ideally located for sweet escapes through time and history at the heart of the town. This site was renowned since the Roman era as being the only crossing over the Loire, so it was inevitable that it was chosen as the building place for a strategic defence point. The entire castle, constructed at the end of the 14th century on the banks of the Loire is now the eastern gateway to the Loire Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A true medieval fortress and classed as a national historic monument in 1928, the château still has its unique allure thanks to its large moats still filled with water, its massive keep and its tall, turreted towers. Its construction really began in 1218 by decree of Philip II of France, who had the main tower built. Joan of Arc, Louis XIV, Anne of Austria, Cardinal Mazarin and Voltaire are just some of the iconic figures to have passed through its famous gates.

The only château in the Loiret department to be classed as one of the “Grands Sites du Val de Loire” (Grand Sites of the Loire Valley), it belonged to just three families (the Lords of Sully, the Trémouilles and the Béthunes) before being bought by the department in 1962. This jewel of the Loiret is open daily in July and August and open every day except Monday for the rest of the year. From the end of May to mid-June, it plays host to the unforgettable Festival de Musique de Sully.